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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LX
Written by Nedyalka PALAGACHEVA, Dimitar KEHAYOV

Oilseed rape attacked by many pests, some of them, such pollen beetle (Meligethes aeneus F.) and blossom beetle (Tropinota hirta Poda) appear in phenophase green-yellow button-flowering generative organs damage and cause serious damage, resulting in yields significantly reduced. In recent years, in order to protect the environment, beneficial insects and pollinators limiting the use of chemical means to control enemies. This necessitates the need to seek new alternatives, as a number of substances of plant origin exhibiting an insecticidal effect. Therefore, under laboratory conditions tested plant extracts: walnut (Juglans regia L.), wild walnut (Ailantthus altissima Swing.), tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.), against adult pollen beetle (M. aeneus) and blosson beetle (T. hirta). The results of conduct studies show that high effectiveness against adults poleen beetle (Meligethes aeneus F.) occurs with the use of plant extracts in a solution with a concentration above 1% more on the third day, bat by blossom beetle (Tropinota hirta Poda), an effect of treatment with the extract was observed only 7th day irrespective of the concentration.

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