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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LX
Written by Ferhat ÖZTÜRK, F. Göksel PEKİTKAN, Reşat ESGİCİ, A. Konuralp ELİÇİN

Harvesting is the most important operation in soybean production. To develop a new harvesting machine with any cutting system, we have to exactly know cutting properties of stems and seeds. Firstly, the design of the machine was based on cutting properties. This study was carried out to evaluate the stem cutting properties and mechanical behavior under compression load of soybean grains (Glycine max L.). This research was conducted at the Department of Agricultural Machinery and Technologies Engineering, University of Dicle, Diyarbakır, Turkey. The soybean cultivar, SA-88, used for this study. It was obtained from the local a commercial farm in Diyarbakir Province, Turkey. In this research, Cutting force (CF), cutting strength and cutting energy (CE) for stems and seeds were measured by considering cross sectional area at during the harvesting season in year 2016. Cutting properties of soybean stems and compression properties of seeds were measured by The Lloyd LRX plus materials testing machine. The highest pod cracking force was observed as 13.43 N at vertical orientation, while the least value of cracking force was determined as 4.59 N at horizontal position. According to Tukey’s multiple range tests, the internodes effects were not found significant effect on seed force and energy. The average cracking force and energy were obtained as 146. 62 N and 10.05, respectively. Cutting force values increased linearly with the increase in stem diameters.

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