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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LX
Written by Teodor RUSU , Ileana BOGDAN , Lech Wojciech SZAJDAK , Paula Ioana MORARU , Adrian Ioan POP , Valentina ANDRIUCA , Olesea COJOCARU , Ioan Aurel CHERECHES , Avram FITIU , Horia POP

Tranyilvanian Plain is considered as an area with a low capacity to adapt to climate changes, monitoring the climate and implementing the adaption measures being essential for the development of certain durable agricultural technologies. The monitoring and variability of climate elements were achieved during 2008 (March) - 2014, through a network of 10 HOBO stations which store soil temperature data electronically (at 10, 30, 50 cm deep) and air (at 1 m hight), soil moisture (at 10 cm depth) and are equipped with rain gauges. The purpose of the paper is to establish the tendency in the evolution of the soil thermal and hydric regime, to predict and identify the climate tendencies from the Transylvanian Plain. The thermal regime of soils in this area is mesic, the differences between the annual averages of summer temperatures and the average of winter temperatures 50 cm deep in the soil are ranging between 12.81- 20.01°C. The evolution of temperatures at the soil level during 2008-2014 indicate the clear tendencies of rising temperatures at the soil surface (0 cm). The coefficients of linear correlation among the data lines analyzed indicate a rising synchronous evolution of the annual average temperature, with values of the correlation indices of 0.52-0.81. The same linear tendency in evolution of rising of the annual average temperature is recorded also in the case of temperatures from 10 cm and 30 cm deep in the soil. The evolution of temperatures in the air during 2008-2014 shows slightly rising evolutionary tendencies. The evolution of rainfall during 2008-2014 shows a falling linear tendency of them, the highest values of the annual average is recorded in 2010 (631 mm), and the lowest quantities of rainfall were recorded in 2012 (263.9 mm). The value of the correlation coefficient associated to the falling evolution tendency of rainfall is r = -0.51. The multiannual average of rainfall from the Transylvanian Plain is 466.52 mm. From the analysis of the statistical relation between rainfall and soil moisture, the calculated correlation coefficient has a value of r = 0.92 which indicates a direct and positive causal relation between the two parameters.

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