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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LX
Written by Ali COSKAN, Kemal DOGAN, Ahmet DEMIRBAS, Ibrahim ERDAL, Ismail HORZUN, Emin Cagdas OK

This study was carried out as a pot experiment to determine the effects of dolomite alone or together with leonardite on Ca and Mg uptake of pepper plants. The doses of 8 and 16 g.pot-1 of dolomite which were equivalent to 4000 and 8000 kg.ha-1 incorporated to soil as either alone or together with 8 and 16 g.pot-1 of leonardite. Each pot fertilized by 200 N, 150 P2O5 and 150 K2O. Results revealed that application of neither dolomite nor dolomite + leonardite applications were effective on root dry matter development; however, 4000 kg.ha-1 dolomite + 4000 kg.ha-1 leonardite incorporation yielded the highest shoot dry weight. Ca concentrations of plants were increased by increasing doses of dolomite and leonardite. Dolomite incorporation alone at the dose of 4000 kg.ha-1 improved plant Mg concentration, all other applications was reduced plant Mg contents compared to non-treated (NT) variant. Zn and Mn concentration were also measured in this study. Zn concentration was 96 at non-treated variant which was reached its highest value as 221 at 4000 kg.ha-1 dolomite dose. The lowest obtained value within the dolomite and dolomite + leonardite applied pots was 143 which was still 49% higher than NT. Mn concentration was gradually increased by increasing dose of both applications, starting from 80 in NT to 192 at the highest application doses of dolomite and dolomite + leonardite. Stimulating effect of leonardite was observed in shoot dry wegiht, Ca, Cu and Mn concentration whereas Mg and Zn concentration was diminished by leonardite addition to the dolomite.

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