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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LX
Written by Davut ABOLAT, Kamil EKİNCİ

In this study, straw was incorporated into different soil depth and then soil CO2 emission was recorded for 45 days after the tillage operation. For this purpose, four treatments were investigated as bare soil surface (A), straw incorporated into 5 cm soil depth (B), straw incorporated into 10 cm soil depth (C), straw spreaded at the soil surface (D). Approximately, 0.5 kg straw was used per square meter. Soil carbon dioxide emission was recorded by mobile soil CO2 flux system. Concomitantly, soil temperature, soil water evaporation and soil moisture was recorded. According to results, soil CO2 emission for A, B, C, and D t treatments are 0.176, 0.213, 0.211 and 0.097 g CO2 m-2 h-1, respectively. Soil temperature for A, B, C, and D treatments are 13.2°C, 13.2°C, 13.2°C and 13.3°C, respectively. Soil water evaporation for A, B, C, and D treatments are 2.24, 3.00, 2.40, and 2.01 g m-2 h-1, respectively. Soil moisture for A, B, C, and D treatments are 16.7%, 18.4%, 18.3%, and 18.1%, respectively. According to results, the least soil CO2 emission was determined in D treatment. The highest soil CO2 emission was determined for B and C treatments. Results showed that soil CO2 emissions increased with the incorporating of straw into the soil.

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