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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LIX
Written by Masoumeh KHANJANI, Mohammad KHANJANI, Fatemeh AMINI

Prostigmatid mite fauna of hawthorn trees, Crataegus monogyna Jacq. (Rosaceae), in Hamedan, Kurdistan and Kermanshah provinces were studied during 2009–2013. Mites specimens were collected from soil under trees and also aerial parts of hawthorn trees in hamedan, Kermanshah and Kurdistan and mounted directly in Hoyer’s medium. In this study in total 17 species belonging to 13 genera and 9 families were collected and identified. Three species were new for the world Acari fauna and marked in the text by asterisk (*). The collected mites according to their families, genera and species are as follows: Bdellidae: Spinibdellacronini (Baker & Balock, 1944);Pseudocheylidae: Anoplocheylus sinai Bagheri 2013; Caligonellidae: Caligonella humilis (Koch, 1838), Molothrognathus sp. nov.*, Neognathus terrestris Summers & Schlinger, 1955,N. ueckermanni Bagheri and Haddad Irani-Nejad, 2010; Cryptognathidae: Favognathus alvandii Khanjani and Seeman 2014*; Raphignathidae: Raphignathus hecmataniensis Khanjani & Ueckermann, 2003, R. protaspus Khanjani & Ueckermann, 2002, R. collegiatus Atyeo and Crossley, 1961; Stigmaeidae: Eustigmaeus nasrinae Khanjani & Ueckermann, 2002; Linotetranidae: Linotetranus astragalusi Khanjani and Khanjani 2011;Tenuipalpidae: Cenopalpus bakeri Düzgünes, 1967, Cenopalpus crataegi Dosse, 1971,Colopalpus zahirii (Khanjani & Seeman 2013)*, Tenuipalpus euonymiKhosrowshahi, 1991; Tetranychidae: Tetranychus urticae Koch 1836. Among them family Raphignathidae with 3 species were found frequently, Colopalpus zahirii had high population and was first record from Iran and Spinibdellacroninialmost with wide distribution in these areas.

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