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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LIX
Written by Grozi DELCHEV

The research was conducted during 2010 - 2012 on pellic vertisol soil type. A field experiment was carried out with durum wheat cultivar Progress (Triticum durum var. leucurum Desf.). Factor A included the years of investigation. Factor B included no treated check and 3 retardants – Cycocel extra (chlormequat + cholinechloride) – 1.5 l/ha, Vivax (chlormequat + ethephon) – 1.7 l/ha, Terpal (ethephon + mepiquat) – 3 l/ha. Factor C included weeded no treated check and 4 antibroadleaved herbicides – Granstar 75 DF (tribenuron-methyl) – 20 g/ha, Granstar super 50 SG (tribenuron-methyl + tiphensulfuron-methyl) – 40 g/ha, Laren 20 SG (methsulfuron-methyl) – 30 g/ha, Ally max SG (methsulfuron-methyl + tribenuron-methyl) – 35 g/ha. All of retardants, antibroadleaved herbicides and their tank mixtures were treated in tillering stage of the durum wheat. The weak adhesion of Granstar, Granstar super, Laren and Ally max required its application with adjuvant Trend 90 – 0.1%. Herbicide Granstar super cannot be mixed with retardants containing chlormequat - Cycocel extra and Vivax. There is antagonism at mixtures of retardant Terpal with herbicides containing methsulfuron-methyl – Laren and Ally max. The lowest durum wheat grain yields are obtained by these tank mixtures. Tank mixtures of herbicide Granstar super with retardants Cycocel extra and Vivax and retardant Terpal with herbicides Laren and Ally max are the most unstable for grain yield. Tank mixtures of retardants Cycocel extra and Vivax with herbicides Ally max, Laren and Granstar and of retardant Terpal with herbicides Granstar super and Granstar are technological the most valuable. They combine high grain yield with high stability with relation to different years. Self-use of retardants Cycocel extra, Vivax and Terpal without herbicides have low estimate and do not be used in the durum wheat crops.

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