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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LXV, Issue 2
Written by Elena BONCIU, Cătălin Aurelian ROȘCULETE, Aurel Liviu OLARU, Elena ROȘCULETE

Food products have a vital importance for consumers because providing the energy requirements and nutrients. Through their properties, these products can improve, maintain or affect human health. Storage is the most important aspect of the food supply chain that ensures food security and round-the-year quality food supply of a country. During storage, the food quality can undergo significant changes, as most food products are characterized by a relative stability over time, influenced by both internal and external structural factors, which can modify their fundamental properties, through some degradation, alteration, chemical or microbiological processes, impurification with foreign substances, etc. Storage conditions, the microclimate and hygiene of the warehouses, environmental factors, gas composition, the nature of the packaging, the nature of other products present in the warehouse, management practices etc. affect the shelf life and quality of food products to great extent. Storage in a controlled atmosphere can slow down the loss of food quality and is an important alternative to chemical preservatives and pesticides. For example, reducing the oxygen content in a warehouse slows down the degradation of stored food. Controlled atmosphere systems maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the food and reduce losses due to pathogens.

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