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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LXIII, Issue 1
Written by Nicolae IONESCU, Mihaela Ioana GEORGESCU, Oana Daniela BADEA, Maria Magdalena PODEA

Currently in obvious progress, studies on the variability of morphological characters, along with the biochemical amd molecular ones, are considered very useful for the improvement of new maize hybrids. The rich genetic endowment and the cultivation conditions of the maize lead to the characteristic expression of the plant morphology. In case of maize, the hybrids SUM 405 and DKC 4590, some new directions have been found, which have recently been improved, by morphological characters. Thus, the cobs had an average length of 18 to 20 cm, the thickness was 4.5 to 4.7 cm and weighed 210 to 261 g. The number of grains on the cob was 544 to 612, weighed 179 to 222 g, and the one thousand grains was 325 to 361 g. Compared to the cobs it had 14 to 16 rows of grains, and the proportion in grains of the cobs was 85% in both hybrids. The grains of hybrids were 12 to 13 mm long, 8.7 to 8.2 mm wide and 4.4 to 4.6 mm thick. Between the analyzed characters of the cobs of the two hybrids, most positive correlations were obtained. The new hybrids, from the semi-late category (FAO 400), cultivated, have shown a good adaptability for a new and efficient agriculture.

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