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EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS FOR CONTROL OF Convolvulus arvensis L. IN WINTER WHEAT (Triticum aestivum L.)

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LXIII, Issue 1
Written by Miroslav TITYANOV, Tonyo TONEV, Zarya RANKOVA, Cveta MOSKOVA, Nesho NESHEV, Anyo MITKOV, Mariyan YANEV, EvgeniaVELINOVA

One of the most difficult to control weeds in winter wheat is Convolvulus arvensis L. In wheat, chemical weed control is preferred of its better efficiency. The aim of the current study is to find effective solutions for Convolvulus arvensisL. The experiments were situated in the experimental field of Agricultural University in Plovdiv. The trialswereconducted in 3 replications. The following treatments are included: 1. Untreated; 2. Aminopyralid+Florasulam- 33 g/ha; 3. Florasulam +Fluroxypyr– 1.5 l/ha; 4. Florasulam +Fluroxypyr– 1.8 l/ha; 5. Fluroxypyr- 0.7 l/ha; 6. Fluroxypyr- 0.9 l/ha7. Amidosulfuron +Iodosulfuron - 100 ml/ha. The herbicides were applied in phenophase ВВСН 32-33. The efficacy of the studied herbicides and rates against Convolvulus arvensis L. was evaluated by the scale of EWRS on the 14th, 28th and 56th day after application. External symptoms of phytotoxicity were not observed. The highest efficacy was recorded for Florasulam +Fluroxypyr -1.8 l/ha; and Fluroxypyr- 0.9 l/ha.

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