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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LXIII, Issue 1
Written by Ramona ȘTEF, Alin CARABET, Ioana GROZEA, Raul CHIFAN, Răzvan ȘTEF, Teodora FLORIAN

Ostrinia nubilalis is the most important corn pest, in las years a aggressivity increasing was observed, causing harvest losses of up to 40%. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of synthetic pyrethroids (alpha-cypermethrin 50 g/l; alpha-cypermethrin 100 g/l; deltamethrin 25 g/l, acetamiprid 100 g/kg + lambda-cyhalotrin 30 g/kg) in reducing population of Ostrinia nubilalis from the corn agroecosystem (consisting of two semi-early hybrids DKC 4590; DKC 4670). The treatments were applied when the maximum flight curve was reached, assessments were made 10 days after the treatments and prior harvesting. The effectiveness was determined through aggressivity and yield obtained. The aggressivity of Ostrinia nubilalis was higher in the variants drilled with the DKC 4590 hybrid (80%) compared to 71.25% in the variants drilled with DKC 4670; the situation being similar at the second generation. Among synthetic pyrethroids tested alpha-cypermethrin 100 g/l proved superiority by reducing the attack of Ostrinia nubilalis up to 11.25% in the DK 4590 hybrid and 10% respectively in DKC 4670. The yield was correlated with the treatments efficacy (6.67-12.05 t/ha).

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