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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LXIII, Issue 1
Written by Dumitru MANOLE,Vasile JINGA, Lorena-Roxana GURAU, Ioan RADU

The paper presents the behavior of some barley and wheat varieties under 2018 and 2019 conditions in Dobrogea area. In demonstrative plots carried out at S.C. SPORT AGRA SRL Amzacea, Constanța County is presented data about the main pathogens and yield results. Climatic conditions of these 2 years, favoured a major attack of pathogens. For barley a high attack of Rhyncosporium secalis with an attack rate (AR) of 6-30% and Pyrenophora teres in a lower attack rate of 3-20% in most varieties was reported in the April observations. For wheat, Septoria tritici showed an AR between 17-27% and Pyrenophora tritici-repentis showed a low attack (AR = 4.5-17.5%). The pathogen Puccinia striiformis was present in low percentage (AR = 0-13.5%) in the 2018 April observations. For crop protection against pathogens, 2 foliar treatments with fungicides were applied, Artea 330 EC (ciproconazol 80 g/l + propiconazol 250 g/l) 0.4 l/ha, in March and Priaxor EC (fluxapiroxad 150 g/l + piraclostrobin 75 g/l) 1 l/ha and in April, respectively. After the last treatment with very good efficacy, there was noticed a decrease in the attack on most pathogens recorded in May observations. Fungal treatments have stopped the development of foliar and ear diseases. The beneficial effects were found in the good yields obtained. For barley crop, the highest yields were 8000 kg/ha for Predator and 8500 kg/ha for Panonic variety. Wheat cultivation yields ranged from 7500 kg/ha for Miranda and 8000 kg/ha for Avenue variety. Quality indices ranged from 70 to 76% for hectolitre weight and 11-14% for protein. All these special yields have been obtained under non-irrigated conditions.

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