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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LXII, Issue 2
Written by Valentin-Teodor TUDORACHE, Mihai TĂLMACIU, Nela TĂLMACIU, Monica HEREA

The purpose of this research paper is to identify the useful entomofauna from some apple orchards and cabbage crop. The observations were made in the Adamachi station, which belongs to “Ion Ionescu de la Brad” University of Applied Life Sciences and Environment of Iasi, Romania. The biological material was sampled by mean of Barber soil traps from May 7th to August 1st of 2018, at intervals between 4 and 9 days. The dates of samples were as follows: 07.05, 14.05, 22.05, 30.05, 02.06, 07.06, 14.06, 21.06, 28.06, 04.07, 11.07, 18.07, 23.07, 01.08. One with another, 14 samples were made. The traps were placed every 6 in a row, and inside of them a mixt of water and powder in proportion of 16% was added. After finishing the experiments, the insects were brought to the laboratory of Entomology. Here they were counted and identified. In the apple orchards, from the Coleoptera order, the dominant species were: -Brachinus crepitans (Carabidae)-50 samples; Phytodecta fornicata (Chrysomelidae)-30 samples; Coccinella septempunctata (Coccinellidae)-42 samples. In the cabbage crop, from the Coleoptera order, the dominant species were: -Anisodactylus signatus (Carabidae)-22 samples; Phytodecta fornicata (Chrysomelidae)-12 samples; Adalia bipunctata (Coccinellidae)-16 samples.

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