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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LXVI, Issue 2
Written by Donyo GANCHEV, Atanas IVANOV

The stickiness of the plant protection products, means their ability to sustain washing out from sprayed plant surfaces from rain, is one of the most critical and important attributes, especially for protective action non-systemic pesticides. Lack or insufficient stickiness will cause a greatly dropping in effectiveness, especially during rainy weather (seasons), which on the other side, will prove favourable conditions for spreading pests on plants. Therefore, selecting plant protection products with good rain retention ability is critical for achieving a satisfactory level of effectiveness in the case of treatments in such weather conditions. This of course, invokes the need to evaluate of this property, which is the object of the given research. Plant protection products were tested alone and in combinations with sticky and wetness agents for evaluation their stickiness ability. The results shows that stickiness ability can vary greatly for different plant protection products, but addition of sticky agent to the pesticide solution can improve it significantly in most of the cases. Hoverer there was some exceptions.

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