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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LXVI, Issue 1
Written by Alexei ABABII, Valerian CEREMPEI, Victor ŢÎŢEI, Ana GUȚU, Natalia CÎRLIG, Mihai GADIBADI, Liliana MARDARI, Veaceaslav DOROFTEI, Serghei COZARI, Andreea ANDREOIU, Nina GARȘTEA, Veaceaslav MAZĂRE

The goal of our research was to fulfil the potential of traditional, underutilized and less known plant species of the families Brassicaceae and Fabaceae, which grow in the experimental plots of the “Alexandru Ciubotaru” National Botanical Garden (Institute), Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. The seeds and biomass of these plant species have high potential for use as food, forage and raw material for circular economy, including bioenergy production. The determination of physical and mechanical properties of seeds and agricultural products is important in the design of harvesting, handling and processing equipment. Our research revealed that the characteristic dimensions of seeds of the studied Brassicaceae species varied in the following ranges ℓ: b: δ ≈ (1.98-12.60): (1.67-3.67): (1.63-2.05) mm; the angle of repose 𝛼=24.6°-30.6° and the flow angle on steel is 𝛼1 =15.8°-31.7°, on wood 𝛼1=18.1°-37.3° and on enamelled surface 𝛼1=15.3°-30.5°; M1000 = 4.30-9.73 g and bulk seed density 88.3-766.9 kg/m3. The seeds characteristic of the studied Fabaceae species was ℓ: b: δ ≈ (1.53-8.00): (1.20-5.47): (1.47-5.01) mm; the angle of repose 𝛼=21.5°-33.0°, flow angle on steel is 𝛼1 =14.3°-27.7°, on wood 𝛼1=14.7°-29.8° and on enamelled surface 𝛼1 =14.2°-27.3°; M1000 = 1.35-170.04 g and bulk seed density 370.8-830.0 kg/m3. The harvested green mass from studied Brassicaceae species is characterized by 16.1-23.5%CP, 63.2-69.9% DMD, RFV=117-162, 10.21-11.20 MJ/kg ME, 5.18-6.76 MJ/kg NEl and from Fabaceae species 14.2-23.4% CP, 58.4-69.5% DMD, RFV=91-168, 9.51-11.15 MJ/kg ME, 5.53-7.17 MJ/kg NEl. The biochemical biomethane potential from vegetal substrates is 305-379 L/kg of organic matter.

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