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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LXVI, Issue 1
Written by Ioana Alina HÎNDA, Ștefan Laurențiu BĂTRÎNA, Ilinca Merima IMBREA, Lucian BOTOȘ, Florin IMBREA

The response of agricultural crops to the application of biostimulators depends on the climatic conditions, the type of soil and cultivated variety. While knowing the role of biostimulators on the growth and development of crops, as well as on quantitative and qualitative increases in the scientific field, the aim of this research is to follow the influence of procaine treatments on the level of production and quality of two potato varieties (Armonia and Gared), depending on planting density (55 X 103 and 70 X 103 tubers/ha). The tubers were treated with procaine by immersion, for two hours, prior to planting, in a 10 mg/l solution. The research was carried out in the period 2019-2022, in the pedoclimatic conditions of the Almaj Depression, on a semi carbonate eutric alluvial type soil, located in the meadow area, with loamy-sandy texture, slightly alkaline soil reaction, pH 7.67, and a medium humus content (2.72%). The researched area has a moderate continental temperate climate, with Mediterranean and oceanic influences, which give a special nuance to the depression, with multiannual average of atmospheric precipitation varying between 670-750 mm. Fertilization of the crop was achieved by incorporating under ploughing 25 t/ha of manure and 600 kg/ha of 15:15:15 complex fertilizers. The results obtained highlight the positive effect of the treatment with procaine on the tubers before planting, on average on the two tested varieties and the two densities, expressed in production increases of 7%.

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