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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LXV, Issue 2
Written by Costel DOLOCAN, Marian MUȘAT, Roxana CICEOI, Georgian ARGATU

The Romanian Academy owns large areas of agricultural land located in the Bărăgan Plain, more precisely in the counties of Călărași and Ialomița, under the administration of the “Patrimoniu” Foundation (FP). In the context of current climate changes challenges, as global warming and its negative effects, the Romanian Academy acted both by organizing scientific debates, to raise awareness and establish a common action plan, but also by taking direct and effective measures, to be followed as good practice examples. One of these measures is the program for the establishment of a network of shelterbelts on the agricultural lands owned by the Academy. The program is running in the period 2014-2024 and starting with 2017, the planting action was carried out, managing to plant around 155 ha of shelterbelt until 2021, that were maintained accordingly to each location needs, with the appropriate plant protection measures. After five years of experience in carrying out the program of establishing the shelterbelts, viable solutions that can be applied in the future were defined: mechanization of works by using modern planting equipment, as it was the Forest seedlings planting equipment EPF 1, and the Hand Drilling Machine for seedlings replacement; the use of a high quality plant material, as oak seedlings grown in seedling trays for the replacement of the dead plants, achieving very good percentages of rooting), the application of pre-emergent herbicides, which delayed the weeds infestation in newly established plantations and which are reactivated at the first rain, eliminating in some cases the hoeing or mechanical weed control but also the use of foliar fertilizers based on macroelements, amino acids and microelements, which regulate the water stress during the summer period of the seedlings and grant significant annual growth.

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