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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LXIV, Issue 2
Written by Petrisoara Florina SUVEȚ, Laura Iosefina ȘMULEAC, Lucian Florin BOTOŞ, Raul PAȘCALĂU, Ştefan Laurenţiu BĂTRÎNA, Adrian BORCEAN, Florin IMBREA

Research carried out in the Western Plain of Romania, on a soil of carbonate chernozem type, wet, weakly salinized, in sodium depth, aimed to make contributions to the oil rapeseed cultivation technology, a culture particularly important for the area, on optimizing nitrogen fertilization and determining the type of fertilizer - ammonium nitrate or ammonium sulphate - for the above mentioned soil conditions, under the conditions of fattening a constant phosphorus and potassium background (P80K80), as well as the influence on production according to the date of operation and depth of the basic ploughing. The results showed that the application of nitrogen fertilizers in the form of ammonium sulphate was superior to the one of ammonium nitrate by 8%. Also, the results according to the period of execution of the basic ploughing emphasize the importance of carrying out this important work as early as possible, so that by the date of sowing to sit down and accumulate as much water in the soil.

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