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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LVIII
Written by Cristian Florinel CIOINEAG, Stelica CRISTEA

The paper aims to present the results of research carried out in the first year of doctoral studies, as a part of thedoctoral thesis. The theme taken into research monitors the influence of differentiated application of fertilizers andfungicides on the premium genetics wheat varieties provided by Probstdorfer Saatzucht Romania Company. Forhighlighting the results, the obtained yield, the amount of protein (%), the wet gluten content (%) and the hectoliterweight were analyzed. Each of the above mentioned factors have been analyzed both separately and in interaction,in order to assess their impact on the crop of premium varieties. The research plot has been implemented at theAgricultural Research and Development Station of Teleorman and followed the statistical rules for trifactorialexperiences, being sown as randomized blocks. The initial choice of the theme was based on the concept of healthyfood, which humanity is facing with nowadays. Our intention was to propose a model for introducing in Romanianfarms, under optimal conditions, the new premium wheat genetics, that offers high quality flours. Thus, would nolonger be necessary to use improvers in the production of bread, indispensable for the daily food of the Romanians.Being frequently debated, the subject of food quality and, by default, of life, influenced by the intern yields with poorquality indices, as well as the imports of non-compliant products from other countries, seriously threaten nationalhealth and wellbeing and imperatively requires that the path of research and of scientific works to be directed inthis regard. Among the findings emerging from this analysis it can be observed the premium varieties tendency for asuperior valorisation of the nitrogen fertilization, both in terms of production stability, as well as of superior level ofmonitored bakery indices, prerequisite for a sustainable socio- economic development.

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