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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LVII
Written by Antonio-Romeo LOMBARDI, Lenuța Iuliana EPURE, Gheorghe Valentin ROMAN

25 years ago Soybean was an important component of crop rotations in South Romania and Romania was the most important Soybean grower with more than 500 thou ha total sown area. Nowadays, Soybean is minor crop with only 45-72 thou ha. In order to promote Soybean crop the authors elaborated a research program included in Danube Soya European initiative, based on experiments in the field and laboratory, organized in Tulcea County, Macin area. The research program included an experiment with Soybean varieties of different origin: Romanian (Triumf, Columna, Daciana, Victoria, Oana F, from National Agricultural R&D Institute of Fundulea; Eugen, Perla, Felix, Onix, Daciana TD from Agricultural R&D Station of Turda; PS1012, PS1020, of Procera Agrochemicals Company; Sigalia, from Probsdorfer Saatzucht Romania) and Serbian (Neoplanta, Galina, NS Rubin, NS Trijumf, Venerra). The research carried out in 2010-2011 in Dobrudja region, Macin area showed that the soil and climatic conditions are very suitable for Soybean crop, which produced between 3027 and 5788 kg/ha in 2010 and between 2785 and 4393 kg/ha in 2011. In this context the research illustrated the high productivity potential of semi-early and semi-late varieties, characterized by high number of pods (57 pods) and grains (149 grains) per plant, grain production per plant (22.6 g) and TGW (151.7 g). Based on these results, the authors recommended the extension of Soybean crop in the area, first of all in the irrigated areas, as an important component for better crop rotations and very suitable previous crop for winter wheat and a valuable source of fodder for animal production units and source of profit for Tulcea County farmers.

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