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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LVII
Written by Nicolaie IONESCU, Aurelian PENESCU, Sorin Gabriel IONESCU

New crop conditions considering today the promotion of important measures, including: agricultural sustainability and environmental protection. Control weeds in agricultural ecosystems with soil and plant belongs in each ecological zone. Ecosystems (crops) specific luvic soil are real situations of weed encroachment every year with different species and in large quantities. Among methods of weed control, making new demands hoeing enroll in Europe. Practice these methods proved favorable not only by stopping different degrees of weeding, but also by creating improved physical fitness necessary for the development of plant root systems. The intervention of the weeds, or only mechanical, or only manually, or with, have induced different levels of control in specific crops. Based on these methods, grain yields followed appropriate developments. This study was done in the three directions, with the demonstration plant hoe grown responses under these conditions in farm fields. Each of the four crops is presented: i)the structure of weeds on the four categories (AM,AD,PD,PM), ii)formation of grain production under natural weed encroachment, iii)development to production by hoeing complex in comparison with an-hoed, iv)comparing types of hoeing to control weeds and on this basis, the production of grains formed. Under natural conditions weeds formed averages of total biomass: 14.9 t.ha-1 in maize, 12.3 t.ha-1 sunflower, soybean 11.8 t.ha-1 and 18.1 t.ha-1 beans. Formed grain production under natural weeds encroachment were 2.0-3.0 t.ha-1 in maize, 1.0-1.5 t.ha-1 sunflower, 0.2-1.0 t.ha-1 soybean and 0.2- 0.6 t.ha-1 at beans. Weeding complex (mechanical and manual) has improved the average grain yields from an average of: 6.8 t.ha-1 maize, 3.0 t.ha-1 sunflower, soybean 1.9 t.ha-1 and 1.9 t.ha-1 beans. This maximum levels of plants yields expressed also the white luvicsoil agri-potential.

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