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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LVII
Written by Gheorghe-Laurențiu BURICESCU, Gheorghe MOTCĂ, Ricuța-Vasilica DOBRINOIU, Silvana DĂNĂILĂ-GUIDEA, Luminița VIȘAN

The syntagm ’’quality seed’’ is ever often used, relative notion which, on the one hand is defined by the ever growing demands of the seed final consumers, and on the other hand by laws and standards development, these ones establishing the minimum requests to be accomplished, ever higher and more restrictive once with every year, concept which supposes that this one to belong to some performant varieties and hybrids whose identity should be defined by: authenticity and variety purity, specific morphological characteristics and by phisiological and physic characteristics which will certify an adequate cultural value. Conditioning, stocking and preserving seeds are totally compulsory processes which interfere during the seed existence until the consumption. These processes are continuous concerns since the oldest times till nowadays. The continuous character of these processes involves their undissociated study, these ones carrying influences one upon the other. Hence, the attention which is transferred to them, ever higher to improve the seeds quality which is genetically determined. All techniques and technologies of conditioning and stocking carry at their basis a complex of various origins phenomena (biological, physiological, biochemical, physic-chemical etc.) which take place in the seeds mass. These concerns appeared as a consequence of the necessity to elongate the using period of seeds, long after they are produced, as the yield is seasonal and after the harvesting till the use, the seeds mass is submitted to some stressing factors which can lead to seeds quality indexes deterioration. The most effective variant of conditioning has proved to be the one that used complex machinery consisting of separating - screening - gravitators, complex image which is indispensable when choosing a seed of the highest quality, the success of the next crop directly depending on the values of seeds quality indicators. The hybrid Paraiso 1000 CL P is remarkable, this one registering the highest values of the quality indicators, the differences observed having very significant positive statistical ensurance compared to the other three analyzed hybrids.

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