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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LVII
Written by Gheorghe-Laurențiu BURICESCU, Gheorghe MOTCĂ, Ricuța-Vasilica DOBRINOIU, Silvana DĂNĂILĂ-GUIDEA, Luminița VIȘAN

Within modern agriculture, the yearly use of some seeds and sowing material with superior biological traits represents one of the basic conditions to obtain an important and constant production, adequate to the genetic potential of cropped hybrids and varieties. In this context, an important part in getting crops at the foreseen level, as well as their surpassing, is performed by the action of yielding, control and supervision of the seeds meant to be sowed. If this action isn’t coordinated and adequately achieved, taking into account principles, the decrease of biologic potential production is rapid and unavoidable, being joined by less valuable quality and quantity crops. Before valorizing seeds in different areas, these ones are submitted to some conditioning operations such as unknown matters cleaning, moisturizing etc. In order to obtain superior quality products, it is necessary to eliminate unknown matters from the cereals mass if possible, in a total amount. Practically, all impurities can’t be eliminated and technical measures which are taken aim at their minimum reduction in the grains mass. The research results carried out on samples of 4 of winter wheat seed genotypes have shown that the three types of conditionality have a positive influence on the physical and biological properties of the seed. The effect of each machine is cumulative and very significantly higher than previous equipment, thus among the 4 analysed genotypes Mulan variety proved to be superior in terms of quality indices in all variants of conditioning, compared to other studied varieties of winter wheat.

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