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Evolution of Romanian agriculture in the last two decades and the necessity of cooperation

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Florentin BERCU, Daniel Dumitru BOTĂNOIU

It is well known that the Romanian rural economy is dominated by agriculture whose main feature is the significant percentage of subsistence and semi-subsistence farms that produce for own consumption, occasionally selling these products obtained to the market [2]. This paper refers to the evolution of Romanian agriculture in the last two decades and it will show that rural economy remains very weak integrated in market economy, and that the social measures in agriculture have made this important sector of national economy not competitive and will underlined the necessity of cooperation. In order to characterize the evolution of agricultural sector in Romania a number of indicators have been taken into account such as cultivated areas, total vegetal and animal production, livestock and prices, for the last two decades. The 20 years analysed show the oscillations for indicators used, due to the climate, economical and politically conditions. The EU agriculture was well organized and supported with a huge progress compared to the situation in Romania, where agriculture is still in the early evolution to a business efficiency and performance. The best solution to make the agricultural sector to achieve his potential both in economically and socially are cooperatives.

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