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Research for optimization of green spaces design and irrigation in Bucharest’s Plain

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Alexandru-Marian CHIPER, Sorin-Mihai CÎMPEANU, Alina NIŢU, Ionel JINGA, Valentina CHIPER (MIHALCEA)

Turf and ornamental plants are considered an integral part of worldwide ecological landscape. Since antiquity, they are used by people to enhance the form and value of their environment. In these meaning green spaces industry and its irrigation must prove the ability to manage the efficiently and effectively administration of water to the plants. Irrigation water management depends on the soil and climatic conditions, landscape plants type and type of irrigation system. The purpose of the research, namely the development of green areas with irrigation systems in Dobroieúti park in Bucharest, have been the depth study and analysis of soil parameters, climatic conditions (rainfall) and water consumption (ETRO) of outdoor ornamental plants in Bucharest Plain. These results were correlated to the topography of the site in order to develop a technical project for landscape construction, to set the elements of the irrigation regime and to determine the optimal plants watering program. The results have been materialized, in establishing by water balance in soil method, the values of the irrigation norm for lawn, floral elements, trees and shrubs, the optimal timing for application of irrigation, the design of the technical elements of irrigation system and its running parameters for a sustainable exploitation.

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