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Organic beekeeping and bee products

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Ramona IANCU, LetiĠia OPREAN, Viorela CODOI

Romania is well known in the delivery field of bee products and beekeeping, is known for this ancient occupation. Beekeeping in Romania leads to large amounts of bee products. As the main purpose of ecological beekeeping is obtaining quality products without the use of other replacement substances. To achieve organic beekeeping must follow these steps: organizing a hive, the first step in beekeeping, apiary hearth choice, choice of hive type, bee families purchase. Both conventional and ecological beekeeping have similarities and differences. Conventional beekeeping is losing ground to the ecological because now customers consume more and more eco products without various additives and is more natural. To be considered ecological bee products must pass a period of one year; in this time these products are not considered ecological. In ecological beekeeping rules need to be observed and also labor is different from that used in conventional beekeeping. Also, nutritional value and quality of ecological products are different from conventional. As a conclusion, both types of beekeeping are differentiated by the process of obtaining the product, but are similar in the principles for achieving sustainable production. The ecological beekeeping and the conventional need collaboration at the national and international level for these industries to develop more and more.

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