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Management of organic waste in context environment protection

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Tatiana BOCLACI

Management of organic waste is a difficult, complex and intractable in Moldova, according to international standards. Acute problem of organic matter from livestock sector waste is generated by storing them in unauthorized areas. Organic waste management strategies require different methods. One of them is organic waste bio conversion technology by worm’s cultivation. Wormculture is biological method converting the organic wastes with the help of worms (wormgrowing), which use organic wastes as food and vital environment. Before, organic wastes must be held to fermentation, in order to regulate the level of active acidity and of the content of azoth – ammoniac. The investigation performed bellow has the goal of showing how the ecological situation can be improved through wormculture, meaning the bioconversion of organic offal. This can be achieved by obtaining valuable organic fertilizers and ecological agricultural production by wormculture. Tecnology of wormculture included: the preparation of nutritional substratum; the production of worm’s compost and wormculture; the utiluzation of worm’s compost. The object of technology: the complexe bioconversion of wastes; obtaining organic enrichemnts with long-time action; the reanimation of damaged soils; the growth of the agricultural production; obtaining ecological production; the protection of the environment. In order to improve the ecological, sanitary-veterinary, epidemiological and epizootic situation, the bioconversion of organic wastes through wormculture method is strongly recommended.

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