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Preliminary research regarding monilinia laxa (aderhold & ruhland) honey ex whetzel attack in plum tree

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Tudorel POPA, Stelica CRISTEA, Cristinel Relu ZALĂ

The importance of fruit-tree growing is determined by the importance of fruit as food. However, in order to enjoy them, the fruit must be firstly protected against the various pathogen infections. The range of disease attack is highly variable each year, according to crop and area. From this point of view, this paper presents aspects regarding the Monilinia attack degree in plum tree. Monilia disease, brown rot of fruit or plum mummification, is a widespread disease of plum growing in all countries and may cause serious damage by destroying flowers and fruit. Fungus Monilinia laxa is a specific wound parasite that penetrates the tissues of the organs it attacks (fruit, branches, leaves) through various injuries caused by insects (Cydia funebrana) and hail, or open gates to other parasitic fungi (Stigmina carpophila). Research followed all the stages of the disease attack, as well as the occurrence of the first symptoms correlated with weather conditions, the evidence of the symptoms in plum tree, the data related to frequency (disease incidence), intensity (severity) and efficacy treatments with fungicides Dithane M-45 WP (80% mancozeb active ingredient), Topsin AL 70 WP (70% thiophanate methyl active ingredient), Merpan 80 WDG (80% captan active ingredient), Bravo 500 SC (500 g/l clorotalonil active ingredient), Alcupral 50 WP (50% cooper oxychloride active ingredient), Teldor 500 SC (500 g/l fenhexamid active ingredient) and Signum FG (26,7% boscalid + 6,7% piroclostrobin active ingredient) the pathogen Monilinia laxa, the varieties Anna Späth, d’Agen, Record, Stanley and Tuleu timpuriu. The study was developed during the proces of doctoral studies programme financed trough project POSDRU/107/1.5/S/76888.

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