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Oilseed rape crop in Romania under climatic conditions over the last 5 years: cultivated areas and yields

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Daniela Elena MĂLAIMARE

During last years the oilseed rape has expanded on crop due to its high oleic content and to the increasing of numerous technical applications based on rapeseed oil such as: use of rapeseed oil as an alternative to fossil fuels, use of rapeseed oil for pharmaceutical industry, use of rapeseed oil in chemical industry for obtaining industrial solvents etc. The extension of rape crop was promoted by the European Union’s restriction to cultivate genetic modified soybean and also by the penetration of varieties, particularly the new hybrids that allow rape cultivation within varied areas in terms of climatic conditions. In Romania, over the last 20 years the cultivated area of oilseed rape has increased from 14 800 ha in 1990 to 381.000 ha in 2011, the rape crop becoming one of the most important field crops in the country.

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