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Oilseed rape production under the autumn water stress conditions in Romania

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Horia Victor HĂLMĂJAN, Gabriel GHIŢĂ, Leonard Gabriel ANDREI, Alexandru IonuĠ SPINCIU, Mihaela GEORGESCU, Gina SCĂEŢEANU

In this paper, the authors analyze the most important technological factors affecting OSR crop establishment in the droughty years, noticed during the last 8 years. In Romania, many farmers have considered oilseed rape to be a high-risk crop, for some good reasons: uneven emergence because of drought during the planting and crop establishment periods, hard winters, very low densities in the spring, repeated temperature oscillations during early spring. High temperatures during pod filling period limit the yield. Seed quality is essential for crop establishment, especially under drought conditions. Deep cultivation in order to allow the rapeseed roots to go deep after water. Straw-management is also important. Early cultivation is recommended, to determine germination of lost seeds from the previous crop and weeds. The soil has to be kept black with glyphosate. For usual planting (1-15 September), the best results in the droughty years were obtained where seedbed was ready for planting in late July/mid August. Only few tillage operations have to be performed during the planting period.

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