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State quality monitoring of the grey soils from warm moderately North zone of The Republic Moldova

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Tamara LEAH

In result of quality monitoring of zonal soils has been found that arable Grey soils from moderately warm semi-humid zone of North part of Moldova, compared with fallow Grey soils, are characterized by moderate degradation of soil properties as a result of dehumification, destruction and considerable decrease of humus and nutrients content. Eluvial horizons of virgin and arable Grey soils have unfavorable physical and chemical properties – excessive compaction, acid reaction, low content of humus and nutrients. The presence of eluvial compact horizons in profile of Grey soils leads to decrease the water permeability, which are regularly influenced by temporarily excess of humidity, have a low stability for erosion processes and low fertility. In the arable Grey soils decreased acidity, leading to the stopping of eluvial processes. Using in continue the Grey soils without fertilizers application will lead to decreasing soil quality state. The necessary measures to maintain fertility of arable Grey soils are: increasing organic matter content by applying chemical and organic fertilizers, vegetal wastes and residues; implementation of zonal crop rotation; improvement the tillage system.

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{tag}meta name="citation_title" content="State quality  monitoring of the grey soils from warm  moderately North  zone of The Republic  Moldova"{/tag} {tag}meta name="citation_journal_title" content="Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy"{/tag} {tag}meta name="citation_publication_date" content="2012"{/tag} {tag}meta name="citation_author" content="Tamara LEAH " {/tag} 

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