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Research concerning the organic carbon quantity of National Park Piatra Craiului and the C/N ratio

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Elena - Mihaela EDU, Sevastian UDRESCU, Mircea MIHALACHE, Lucian DINCĂ

In our country we have 25 National and Natural Parks of 552,174.80 ha area. Piatra Craiului National Park has a surface of 14,800 ha. The total protected areas surface has 1,234,710 hectares, representing 5.18% of the country. We have analysed, in this paper, 10 profiles of 31 horizons, the soil samples being collected from the National Park Piatra Craiului. The following parameters were analyzed: pH, organic C, total N. The pH was electrochemically determined in calcium chloride, and the carbon and the nitrogen have been analysed by the dry Dumars combustion method. The results have shown that the mountain forest soils are strongly acidic, with a pH between 2.5–5 in saline extract, except the 5 horizons with a pH between 6.2-7.2. The soils are richest in organic carbon and nitrogen. Regarding the C/N ratio values, their correlation with altitude showed a degree of normal fertility.

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