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Modification of main soil agrochemical indicators under different fertilization systems applied in greenhouse for maize and oats yields

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Valentina COTEŢ

The main objective of this study was to monitor the effect that different systems of fertilization have on maize and oats yields. The research aims to find technological solutions to increase salinity tolerance in plants by application of different fertilization systems in specific conditions of soil and plant. In this context, the paper presents the results obtained after the first year of research concerning the influence of fertilization on the agrochemical indicators of soil. The fertilization system consisted in applying different doses of fertilizers on alluvial Gleyic Solonchak from Traian, Braila. The experiment has been organized in vegetation pots (Mitscherlich type) with a capacity of 20 kg soil. Therefore, a trifactorial experiment A (plant) x B (organic fertilizer) x C (foliar/mineral fertilizer), in four repetitions has been established. Fertilization system consists in organic fertilization, by applying manure, and in mineral fertilization, by applying foliar fertilizers and complex fertilizers (N, P, K). In parallel with the effect of fertilizers on agrochemical main indicators: pH, humus, total nitrogen, available phosphorus and potassium, the effects of fertilizer on maize and oats yields were also studied. For the assessment of agrochemical indicators, soil analyzes at the establishment of experience, and after the first research year was done. The results were interpreted according to the actual soil study methodology. For a better analysis of the agrochemical indicators, the experiment is carried out in the same circumstances in 2012 also, on soils affected by salinization.

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{tag}meta name="citation_title" content="Modification  of main  soil agrochemical indicators under  different  fertilization systems applied  in greenhouse  for maize and oats yields"{/tag} {tag}meta name="citation_journal_title" content="Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy"{/tag} {tag}meta name="citation_publication_date" content="2012"{/tag} {tag}meta name="citation_author" content="Valentina COTEŢ " {/tag} 

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