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Long term heavy metals soil pollution caused by emissions from Thermal Power Plant Doiceşti

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Claudia-Elena BĂLĂCEANU

Some of the most complex polluters of the environment are Thermal Power Plants that are using coal as energy source. There are two types of environmental pollution sources: the main are baskets exhaust gases of coal combustion, so called high sources, and the secondary sources that are ash dumps resulted from the coal combustion activities, so called low sources. Thermal Power Plant Doicesti, located in the area of Sub-Carpathian hills, on IalomiGa Valley, is a major source of environment pollution with sulfur, since 1952 when was built. By geographically point of view, the studied territory can be included into Sub-Carpathians’ Curvature, more specify in the Prahova’s Sub-Carpathian subunit. Pedogenesis factors: rock, topography and parent material, have led the evolution of isolated, lythomorphic soils. In the investigated territory four soil classes: Luvisols, Cambisols, Vertisols and Protisols were identified, each of them with types and subtypes mentioned in the paper. The subject of this paper is to analyze the loading degree of sulphur of the soils affected by emissions from Thermal Power Plants Doiceúti. Soil samples collected from 23 soil profiles distributed in all cardinal directions, were analyzed for total, organic and mobile sulphur contents. In the investigated area, sulphur pollution of soils, caused by sulphur emissions from Thermal Power Plant Doiceúti, were recorded. The sulphur pollution phenomenon gathering way by changing the normal content of soil, plant, and consequently, could affecting the health of the inhabitants of this territory.

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