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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agonomy., Vol. LVI
Written by Ioana Claudia MENCINICOPSCHI, Viorica BĂLAN

This study is the result of the interpretation and synthesis of the observations, measurements and calculations performed with regard to the biological characteristics of growth and development dynamics of the vegetative and reproductive organs of Lycium barbarum L. plants. Two varieties of this species were studied. Research has been conducted between the years 2010 and 2012. Some of the biological characteristics, that have been measured or observed, were: plant height, number and length of shoots, number of leaves, flowering and fructifying dates, fruit yield, soluble dry substance in fruit (SU%) and fruit weight. Also, the volume and shape of the two years old goji shrubs were determined. The plants’ shapes were either truncated cones or inverted (reversed) truncated cones. Our work highlights some of the differences between the two studied Lycium barbarum L. varieties. These differences refer to adaptability potentials as well as biological characteristics. The significance of our contribution is that it presents the growth dynamics and development stages of two varieties belonging to the Lycium barbarum L. species, making comparisons between the two varieties’ characteristics and showing how the second year’s measurements compare to those of the first year from planting.

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