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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LXIV, Issue 1
Written by Victor ŢÎŢEI, Andreea ANDREOIU, Vasile BLAJ, Adrian NAZARE, Cristina TENTIUC, Teodor MARUȘCA, Serghei COZARI, Mihai STAVARACHE, Natalia MOCANU, Ana GUŢU, Sergiu COŞMAN, Natalia CÎRLIG

The main objective of this research was to evaluate the quality of green mass, prepared hay, silage and haylage from meadow fescue, Festuca pratensis 'Tâmpa’, cultivated in the experimental plot of the “Alexandru Ciubotaru” National Botanical Garden (Institute), Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. The results revealed that the harvested green mass contained 25.0-29.8 % dry matter. The dry matter of the whole plant contained 112-120 g/kg CP, 361-394 g/kg CF, 78- 79 g/kg ash, 374-381 g/kg ADF, 622-630 g/kg NDF, 34-38 g/kg ADL, 340-343 g/kg Cel, 241-256 g/kg HC, with nutritive and energy value 59.0-61.5% DMD, 54.2-58.1% DOM, RFV=88-89, 9.63-9.71 MJ/kg ME and 5.65- 5.73 MJ/kg NEl. The biochemical composition, nutritive and energy value of prepared hay: 113-125 g/kg CP, 378- 386 g/kg CF, 88-91 g/kg ash, 407-418 g/kg ADF, 651-673 g/kg NDF, 41-43 g/kg ADL, 366-375 g/kg Cel and 244- 255 g/kg HC, 9.0-61.5% DMD, 54.2-58.1% DOM, RFV=88-89, 9.63-9.71 MJ/kg ME and 5.65-5.73 MJ/kg NEl. The fermented fodder, silage and haylage, are characterized by pH = 4.06-4.23, 8.0-8.1 g/kg acetic acid, 29.5-31.2 g/kg lactic acid, 106-119 g/kg CP, 380-399 g/kg CF, 89-96 g/kg ash, 402-414 g/kg ADF, 677-679 g/kg NDF, 28-31 g/kg ADL, 68-76 g/kg TSS, 374-383 g/kg Cel, 402-414 g/kg HC, with nutritive and energy value 56.9-62.2% DMD, 49.2- 53.5% DOM, RFV=78-79, 11.27-11.45 MJ/kg DE, 9.63-9.71 MJ/kg ME, 5.65-5.73 MJ/kg NEl. The meadow fescue substrates used for anaerobic digestion have optimal C/N ratio, amount of lignin and hemicellulose. The biochemical methane potential of green mass substrates achieved 346-352 l/kg ODM, silage substrate – 362 l/kg ODM and haylage substrate – 355 l/kg ODM. We consider that the biomass of meadow fescue Festuca pratensis 'Tâmpa’ may be used as multi-purpose feed for livestock, and also as feedstock for biogas reactors and renewable energy production.

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