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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LXIV, Issue 1
Written by Tanko KOLEV, Zhivko TODOROV, Maryia MANGOVA

During the period 2013-2016 a field experiment was conducted in the Experimental and Implementation Base of the Agricultural University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria in order to establish the influence of the variety on the productivity and chemical-technological properties of durum wheat grain in the ecological conditions of Plovdiv region. The object of the study were the Bulgarian varieties of durum wheat: Progress, Saturn, Victoria, Beloslava, Vazhod, Deyana, Predel, Zvezditsa and Zagorka and the foreign varieties of different origin: Auradur (Austria), Karur and Pescadou (France) Selyendur (Hungary), Grecale and Levante (Italy), Janejro (Spain). Variety Progress was used as standard for productivity and variety Saturn 1 was used as standard for quality. The experiment was based on the block method in 4 replications with a harvest plot size of 15 m2 after predecessor rapeseed. As a result of the field experiment it was found: On average for the three-year study period most productive are the Bulgarian varieties of durum wheat Deyana, Predel and Zvezditsa, for which the grain yield increased respectively by 44.0 kg/da (12.8%); 38.1 kg/da (11.1%) and 33.9 kg/da (9.9%) compared to the Progress variety. Of the foreign varieties with higher grain yield on average for the study period, the varieties Karur and Pescadou are distinguished, for them the increase was by 22.3 kg/da (6.5%) and 20.6 kg/da (6%) more than the standard. The group of Bulgarian varieties is characterized by a higher thousand-kernel weight (TKW) and hectolitre weight (HW). The group of foreign varieties is characterized by a higher content of yellow pigments and volume of SDS-sedimentation number. The values in terms of crude protein and yield of wet and dry gluten in all durum wheat varieties are close but foreign varieties have better quality protein, respectively gluten. The Austrian variety Auradur is with highest quality, and Predel is with highest quality among the Bulgarian varieties.

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