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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LXIII, Issue 2
Written by Galina GOSPODINOVA, Antoniya STOYANOVA, Velika KUNEVA

The purpose of the study is to evaluate, by means of correlation analysis, the correlation between the main biometric indicators for three cotton varieties. The study was conducted in the field of experience of the Department of Crop Production, Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Trakia, Stara Zagora during the period 2018-2019. The field experience is derived by the method of fractional plots. The influence of both factors (fertilization and irrigation) on the development and productivity of the three varieties of cotton was studied. The relationships between the mass of one boll, the number of bolls per plant, the biomass by phase, the total yield per plant and the total yield of cotton per hectare were studied. Correlation dependencies were found, with a high degree of Helius correlation between the structural elements: mass of one boll and bud-formation (r = 0.989), mass of one boll and number of bolls per plant (r = 0.988) under irrigation conditions. Darmi is distinguished by a high degree of correlation between flowering and the number of bolls in a plant (r = 0.996). Colored naturally of Isabell is characterized by a high degree of correlation between positive depending of bud-formation and ripening (r = 0.967) and between the number of bolls in a plant and a total yield (r = 0.958). For irrigation are established correlations between bud-formation and flowering (r = 0.983) and between ripening and number of bolls in one plant (r = 0.979) in Helius. With a high degree of correlation feature dependencies between bud-formation and ripening (r = 0.963), and bud-formation number of bolls in a plant (r = 0.994) in Darmi. Strong positive correlation is drawn between bud-formation and flowering (r = 0.964) and between flowering and ripening (r = 0.956).

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