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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agonomy., Vol. LVI
Written by Maria TOADER, Gheorghe Valentin ROMAN

Organic farming of herbs, medicinal and aromatic plants is of major importance for rural economy due to theircontribution to agricultural diversification and better use of land. Herbs have been used by local populations intraditional ways for many centuries. Their novelty is thus not related to their introduction to new areas but rather to theways in which old and new uses are being re-addressed to meet today's needs.In this sense, Herbal.Mednet is a transfer of innovation project under LLP Leonardo da Vinci Program (TOI) targetingto develop an e-learning training on organic herbs, medicinal and aromatic plants. Existing e-learning content in thetopics of organic farming of herbs, medicinal and aromatic plants needs to be appropriately adapted, transferred andvalidated in relation to the needs of the farmers, so that this area of farming is further understood and adopted. To thisend, there is a clear need for targeting agricultural advisors and extension officers, in order to further educate themand prepare them to effectively guide, train, and support farmers. The design and the development of the proposedHerbal.Mednet training program is based on the needed and required competences and requirements of trainers, aswell as the production of Vocational Education and Training (VET) Scenarios for professionals from Mediterraneancountries (Spain, Greece, Italy), who are involved in cultivation, production and processing procedure of organicherbs, medicinal and aromatic plants. Herbal.Mednet training process will be elaborated and deployed by a consortiumof specialists from Spain, Italy, Greece, Belgium and Romania. The Romanian contribution will be crucial for theproject progress and success, having in mind the own expertise in medicinal and aromatic species biology andcultivation as well as in education and training based on on-line and digital educational resources.

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