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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agonomy., Vol. LVI
Written by Liliana Aurora STEFAN, Alexandru PAICA, Cristian Iulian ENE

The sustainability and security of Romanian agricultural production is under threat from intensive productionpractices, global competition and climate change factors. Maintaining the sustainable production of land lies in strikinga balance between socio-economic goals and responsible natural resource management. To rise to the challenge, anintegrated approach making full use of all the major players involved – farmers, consumers, regulatory bodies andscientists – is necessary.Trichoderma pseudokoningii Td85 antagonistic fungus was isolated from wheat seeds, Baragan agricultural region.Td85 beneficial strain has the following properties: a wide spectrum of action towards pathogenic microbiologicalcontaminants in cereal crops, due to complex activity expressed by antagonism and competition for food and spacecolonization. Td85 beneficial strain provide reducing development of primary inoculum that survive in the soil and onthe plant debris, due to high capacity for colonization and degradation of plant substrates.Saccharomyces cerevisiae L30b yeast strain was isolated from grapes Chasselas D’ore variety, RDIPP Bucharestvineyard. Research of L30b beneficial yeast was sidelined on strawberry crop, focusing on biological control ofBotrytis cinerea fungus. The efficacy of L30b formulations was assessed on Favette (early), Cardinal (middle) andPandora (late ripening) variety, achieving a reduced disease incidence and severity of grey mould on fruit andproviding high efficacy against the pathogen.

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