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Model and support system prototype for scheduling the beehive emplacement to agricultural and forest melliferous resources

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Virgil VLAD, Nicoleta ION, George COJOCARU, Viorel ION, Adrian LORENŢ

The paper presents a model and a support system prototype for scheduling in time and space the beehive emplacement to different melliferous crops and different melliferous tree species. A general model specifies the data structures (inputs / outputs), the data processing for obtaining the beehive movement schedules, and different melliferous balances at territorial levels, based on the melliferous capability of the commune crops and forest bodies and the number of the existing beehives at commune level. The algorithm of the beehive movement schedules aims at the minimisation of the movement distances taking into consideration a large territory of the country. A reduced version of the scheduling model was implemented into a computerised support system prototype, "PaSPas-1.1". It refers to rapeseed crops and to robinia trees, and provides beehive movement schedules at commune level and forest body level, respectively, localised within eight districts ("judets") of South Romania.

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