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Practical considerations regarding the work capacity of Stihl BT 121 motto-borer, equipped with a 150mm drill, for drilling holes for planting saplings

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Nicuşor BOJA, Florin BOJA, Petru Aurel DĂRĂU

The present research displays the results obtained after the digging of holes for planting saplings in a previously unprepared soil, following the steps to carry them out according to some physical-mechanical properties of the soil. The research was carried out on a horizontal ground in the O.S. Iuliu Moldovan, in two arranged unities (parcels) 31 C and 32 A, in a previously unprepared ground, on two types of soil: gley-soil (the muddy subtype) and alluvial soil (the vertical-gleyed subtype), and in O.S. Radna, u.a. 74, on a brown typically luvic soil, using the Stihl BT 121 motto-borer with a 150 mm drill. The objectives of the research were to make a comparative determination, on different types of soil, of the qualitative parameters, among which the most important ones are: degree of loosening of the soil taken and left in the hole, resistance to penetration, resistance to shearing, timing of drilling holes, degree of scattering of the soil taken out from the hole, degree of evacuation of the soil from the hole, gas consumption for the drilling of the hole, using the Stihl BT 121 motto-borer in order to establish its technical efficiency. In order to observe the influence which the drilling of holes has on its walls, we measured the resistance to penetration and resistance to shearing every 10 cm at a 30cm depth, the proper depth for planting small-sized saplings, on two opposing sides, so that we could get the most probable values of these physical-mechanical properties of the soil. After taking the measures in order to establish the compaction degree of the wall and of the bottom of the hole by the borer in that interval, it was judged that in conditions of normal humidity, if the borers have sharp knives and are well conceived and executed from a technical point of view, there are no big values of the resistance to penetration which could affect the subsequent development of the saplings. The usefulness of the present paper stays in the research data collected, processed, analyzed and valorized in order to offer a pertinent study material, which could indeed be used by specialists in designing the process for obtaining, through a mechanized means, the holes for planting small-sized saplings on a horizontal ground, using the Stihl BT 121 motto-borer.

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