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Research regarding weed control in wheat

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Gheorghe PASCU

Management control and weeding status play an important role in the tehnological sequence of wheat crop. Despite systematic and sustained fight against weeds, the latter continue to cause low production quality and quantity. Under conditions of modern agriculture, the studies on integrated weed management should be based on an elaborated program that combines herbicide use with culture-specific agrotechnical methods, closely connected with the type of weed infestation. Herbicide application is the best method of all the complex measures of integrated control. The intelligent use of herbicides involves an investment of scientific knowledge in different domains. Given the high percentage of chemical control methods within the integrated control system (biological control having no concrete support), proper application of herbicides should be given special attention. The need for further research on wheat weeding is real as chemical industry provides farmers with new herbicides; on the other hand, no herbicide has been created to destroy the entire weed range existing in a crop. This paper presents a series of measures (crop rotation, tillage, fertilizer and herbicide) aimed at increasing efficient weed control in wheat crop in a dynamic analysis covering the years 2010-2012. The results of this paper are the subject of doctoral theme.

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