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Sustainable land management in agriculture - Obrenovac Municipality (Serbia) case study

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Vesna POPOVIĆ, Jonel SUBIĆ, Marko JELOČNIK

According to proposed EU Soil Directive, due to high variability in soil physical, chemical and biological state, site-specific soil degradation risk analysis is required. Important socio-economic drivers for agricultural soil degradation are also related to the local level (e.g. land use and land use change, farming practices, farming systems, holding structure, etc.) and must be taken into account in defining soil quality preserving measures. Having in mind these considerations, the authors in the paper analyze the agricultural land use and the state of the soil degradation processes in the Belgrade City municipality of Obrenovac. Pedological and geological structure of soils, climate and hidrology, intensive crop and livestock production in the urban fringe on the land exposed to erosion and landslides, underdeveloped hydro-melioration and waste water treatment systems and proximity of thermal power stations and lignite open-pits, produce serious obstacles for sustainable use of land and water in agriculture. The overall assessment of the soil degradation processes and its main drivers in the Obrenovac municipality enable definition of the set of soil conservation priority projects and measures for implementation at the local level.

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