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The state land quality in the vineyards of Republic Moldova

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Boris GĂINĂ, Tamara LEAH

There are identified the main causes that conduct to the degradation state of land quality in vineyards. These are the subject of natural and anthropogenic factors, leading to varying qualitative and quantitative of soil indicators. Reforms in agriculture led to the extension of the forms of soil degradation of vine plantations. The worst and most widespread form of soil degradation is erosion by water (surface and depth, with various intermediate stages). Anthropogenic factors favoring the growth rate of erosion processes are: irrational land parceled, excessive exploitation, deforestation of erosion protection forest belts, and abandonment of anti-erosion complex works. The paper reflected the soil protection measures in vineyards. The erosion protection is based on organizational, agro-technical, phyto-technical and hydro-technical measures. The direct effect of this system is reduced leakage and erosion processes, increase the soil water reserves and productivity of vineyards. One of the most effective phyto-ameliorative measures of soil erosion protection in the vineyards is grassing the spaces between vines rows.

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