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Studies on soil cover and land suitability to various agricultural uses, in the South/East of the Olt County

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Mariana BURCEA, Marian MUŞAT

Researches start on the hypothesis that the soil is a natural body, that in terms of rational use improves its productive capacity, and can be characterized by the particularities of the natural environment in witch forms it and determines its suitability for various agricultural uses. Pedogenetical processes leading to formation of the five classes of soil in the Plapcea hydrographical basin, Olt county are especially influenced by the climate and hydrographic network. Based on the study of the landscape and the soil cover in estimation of its suitability for agriculture it considered the fact that most part of soil, about 75, belong to Luvisols class (Romanian System of Soil Taxonomy), land suitability is good till the hard limitation.[2]. These limitations, determined by the power of restricting factors, produce the structure of agricultural production and settle the boundaries of areas on the suitability classes, namely: 4.96% good suitability (class II), 54.2% middle suitability (class III), 34.4% hard limitation (class IV) and 6.5% with very hard limitation (class V). Although the land fertility is very low, the land use is predominantly agricultural and surfaces with grains grown at a rate of 77%.

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