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Contribution of soil invertebrates to the stability of eroded soils in the South of the Republic of Moldova

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Alina BĂLAN, Irina SENICOVSCAIA, Raisa DANILIUC

The role of invertebrates and their contribution to the functioning of eroded soils is discussed. The edaphic fauna of the ordinary chernozem located in the southern zone of the Republic of Moldova has been investigated in dependence on the degree of erosion, the type of agricultural uses and the method of tillage. The highest values abundance and biomass of invertebrates were registered in the soils with a normal profile as well as in the soils with a truncated profile in conditions of the multiannual fallow under natural vegetation. The fallow soil is characterized by a greater diversity of invertebrates. In addition to the Lumbricidae family, in samples of invertebrates, there were found the species of the Arthropoda and Lucanidae classes, Chrysomelidae, Forficulidae, Formicidae, Gloremidae, Attelabidae, Tenebrionidae, Scarabaeidae families as well as other ones. The biomass of the edaphic fauna is represented predominantly by the Lumbricidae family. Their number amounts to 71.9-75.9% of the total number of invertebrates. The diversity of invertebrates in the arable and especially in the eroded soils decreases sharply. Representatives of only 2-5 families, usually Lumbricidae, Pyralidae, Scarabaeidae and Araneae families inhabit the eroded chernozems. The number of Lumbricidae family constitutes 60.5% of the total number of invertebrates in chernozem with a normal profile and 42.4-60.7% in eroded soils respectively. Research carried out during tree years show that, application of disking on eroded soils have been more efficiently for vital activity of the edaphic fauna in comparision to “no – till” technique.

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