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The behavior of some new corn hybrids, cultivated in Brăila county

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Aurica SOARE, Gheorghe VOICU

This paper deals with the behaviour of 35 corn hybrids in 2010 crop, hybrids created by ISTA (Instituto Sementi e Technologie Agro-alimentari) Italy, hybrids which were cultivated for the first time in Braila county. Out of these hybrids, 22 belong to FAO 300-400 group, 11 hybrids belong to FAO 400-500 group and 2 hybrids belong to FAO 500 group. The results obtained were compared with the ones of the aboriginal hybrid, Olt, considered as control hybrid. The experiment was performed in Albina village, Braila county, on a typical chernozem soil with physical and chemical characteristics which are favourable to the growth and development of corn plants, area which is characterized by a semi-draughty steppe climate, the main limitative factor being the water. Each hybrid was sowed in two repetitions, the second one being placed randomisedly, the length of a repetition plot being 12 m, thus it results an area of 8.4 m2 for each repetition and an area of 588 m2 for the entire allotment. For the hybrids analyzed and the control hybrid, there are determined productivity elements (number of corn grains/cob, average weight of the corncobs, weight of the corn grains/cob), the yielding, hectolitre mass (MH), the mass of 1000 grains (MMB) and finally, the productions obtained, all these being expressed at 15% humidity. The production of the control hybrid was 0.86 kg/m², and this production was outrun by 6 hybrids: PR36B08 (0.87 kg/m²), RM10-IVS-3 (0.92 kg/m²), RM10-IVS-7 (0.90 kg/m²), RM10-IVS-9 (0.90 kg/m²), ISH 303 (0.89 kg/m²), ISH 508 (0.91 kg/m²). Based on the results presented, it can be concluded that out of the hybrids analyzed, best behaved the following hybrids from class FAO 300-400: RM10-IVS-3, RM10-IVS-9, PR36B08, RM10-IVS-7, ISH303, from class FAO 400-500, best behaved the following hybrids: RM10-IVS-21, RM10­IVS-22 and from class FAO 500, ISH 508 hybrid.

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