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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LVIII
Written by Elena Mirela DUŞA, Gheorghe Valentin ROMAN

Organic agriculture system is focused on the creation of greater crop diversification and on the reduction of negativeeffects for food quality and the environment, especially on the reduction of synthetic pesticide use. In organicagriculture production system, an important role is assigned to crop rotation, catch crops and intercropping. The aimof this research is to observe the productivity and harvest quality of maize and pea in relation with the intercroppingsystem in order to know their adaptability to reddish preluvosoil area conditions of the central part of South RomanianPlain, in the organic agriculture production system. The experiment was carried out in 2007-2009 period, in Moara Domnească Experimental Field. Maize and pea were sown in alternating rows (1 row of maize, 2 rows of pea), 25 cmbetween the rows of pea and 22.5 cm from the maize rows. In intercropping, maize had a density of 5 plants/m2, and pea of 70 plants/m2. There were determined several parameters like the productivity elements, grain yields, landequivalent ratio and the chemical composition of grains. In pure stand, maize produced 3551 kg/ha. For comparison,the maize intercropped with pea produced 2953 kg/ha. Pea had a yield of 2926 kg/ha in sole crop and 2015 kg/ha inintercropping with maize. The grains of the maize intercropped with pea contained 9.45% proteins, 4.83% fats and67.83% starch. Pea seeds from intercropping contained 26.75% proteins, 1.42% fats and 38.52% starch. In conclusionit can be said that intercropping had a slight influence on the productivity elements and on the yield.

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