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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agonomy., Vol. LVI
Written by Daniela TRIFAN, Marcel BULARDA, Ioan VIŞINESCU

Purpose of this study was to establish the most efficient polifactorial combination represented by soil type x dose offertilizer for cultivation of winter barley Cardinal and Maresal varieties, in order to obtain higher production in termsof quantity and quality, in climate conditions of Braila Plain, which is a very favorable area for this crop.The three experimental factors had two graduations, namely: A (soil type) with A1 – typical Chernozem and A2Solonetz, B (variety) with B1 – Cardinal and B2 – Maresal, and C (dose of fertilizer) with C1 – economic optimum dosecalculated for chernozem, C2 – economic optimum dose calculated for Solonetz and C3 – unfertilized.In terms of economic efficiency, the largest profit of studied variants was registered by Maresal variety cultivated onChernozem, fertilized with optimum dose for Solonetz, followed in descending order by Maresal variety cultivated onChernozem fertilized with optimum dose for Chernozem and Cardinal variety grown on Chernozem fertilized withoptimal dose calculated for Solonetz. The research found that the Maresal variety is more productive than Cardinalvariety on both soil type from experience, but Cardinal variety can obtain a high production increase if additionalfertilization. We studied also the correlations between soil quality indices and interaction of experimental factorsstudied, to determine the most efficient systems (soil type x level of fertilization x variety), while Braila Plain.

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